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Sign the Petition to Enact the Texas Voter Choice Act.

We hereby call on our elected representatives to enact the Texas Voter Choice Act before the current legislative session ends on May 29, 2017.
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Too many elections in Texas have only two or just one candidate running. That’s because burdensome and outdated regulations first enacted more than 100 years ago regularly bar qualified candidates from the ballot. That violates our right to vote for the candidates of our choice.

The Texas Voter Choice Act fixes this broken system by establishing reasonable ballot access requirements for all candidates and simple procedures that apply secure, web-based technology to eliminate the red tape that prevents so many Texans from running for office.

Tell your representatives to enact the Texas Voter Choice Act now!

Why Sign?

The Texas Voter Choice Act restores voter choice by eliminating the barriers that prevent qualified candidates from running for public office. It:

  • Caps nomination petition signature requirements at 10,000 for statewide office and makes filing deadlines consistent with constitutional standards
  • Replaces unreliable, inefficient and costly paper-based processes with secure, proven web-based technology
  • Simplifies ballot access by eliminating unnecessary filing requirements