Restore Voter Choice in Texas

Today, we released a new animated video to highlight how the Texas election system is rigged to discourage participation and more choices on the ballot.

The video poses the question: Have you ever wondered why you have so few choices on election day? And often no choice at all because a candidate runs unopposed? Texas’ strict ballot access laws set in place over a hundred years ago give Republicans and Democrats a free ride but routinely bar other qualified candidates from even running.

Simply put the system is rigged.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. That’s why we are supporting the Texas Voter Choice Act. By reforming outdated, inefficient and oppressive regulations this bill protects your right to vote for the candidate of your choice. With your help we can modernize outdated procedures and restore voter choice in Texas so people not politicians decide who we elect.

Become a member of TVC today to support voter choice in Texas.

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  1. Texas should run all elections just like they do special elections and city and school board elections. ALL candidates pay a filing fee or submit a petition, and ALL candidates appear on the same ballot, and ALL voters may vote for their favored candidate. If necessary, there is a runoff to ensure the winner has majority support.

    Texans should support HB 1996.

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