More Choices, More Accountability

When only one party is represented on the ballot– as it is in nearly half of the state legislative races in Texas– there is no meaningful choice for voters. Daniel New, former Chairman of the Constitution Party of Texas, called the first meeting of the party in 1996 because he and the other party founders didn’t feel like they had any meaningful choices on the ballot. The lack of choice hasn’t been fixed yet. He would like the voters to have a clear sense of what they are voting for when they choose a candidate and for voter to have more choices over all.

Texans for Voter Choice believes that more choices on the ballot would lead to more accountability to voters. The Texas Voter Choice Act will make it easier for minor party and independent candidates to get on the ballot, so that voters have better representation. If you think that all voters would benefit from having more choices on the ballot, join our #flushthesystem campaign.