Texans for Voter choice is a non-partisan coalition organized to support passage of the Texas Voter Choice Act.

Carly Rose Jackson is the State Director. She has worked in Texas Politics as a legislative aide, as a grassroots coordinator for a nonprofit organization, and on campaigns ranging from local ballot initiatives to city council, to state legislators and a statewide candidate. She learned through these experiences how important it is for people to have their perspectives represented in their government, government at every level.

Mission Statement

Texans for Voter choice is a non-partisan coalition dedicated to providing voters with more meaningful choices on Election Day. We believe voters—not private parties or incumbent politicians — should decide who gets elected to public office. That’s where we step up. The Texans for Voter Choice Act will dismantle unnecessary barriers that make it so hard for qualified candidates to appear on the ballot in Texas.


Texans for Voter Choice is a grassroots coalition of individuals and groups that are dissatisfied with choices of candidates we are given. They believe that Texas has far more problems than it deserves and far more solutions than it applies.

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Texans For Voter Choice

P.O. Box 18553
Austin, TX 78760-8553