Ending one-punch straight-party voting will be good for Texas

Our Coalition Partner, Mark Miller, had an op-ed published in TribTalk about one-punch straight-party voting when Governor Abbott signed a bill to abolish the practice in 2020.

We who seek representation for 5 million or more Texas voters who are independent or minor party voters are ecstatic that House Bill 25 passed during the 2017 legislative session and was signed by the governor. This bill eliminates one-punch straight-party voting in Texas, a practice only available in nine other states.

Public dissatisfaction with U.S. electoral politics is at an all-time high, yet despite clear and apparent voter disgust, voting patterns seem locked in stone. Over half of Texas’ legislative races had a single candidate on the ballot in 2016. Nearly two-thirds had only one major party candidate, meaning only one-third of Texas’ legislative races were effectively contested. Only eight of 387 incumbents in the U.S. Congress lost re-election.

You can read the complete op-ed here.