# flushthesystem

Ballot access can be a complicated topic, but the problem boils down to this:

There are not enough options on the ballot.

When only one or two candidates appear on the ballot, voters don’t get a true choice in electing their representatives in government. About half of Texas Legislative races in 2016 had only one candidate.

The question is: What important issues are we missing because qualified candidates are barred from participating?

Lawmakers in Austin spent much of the 2017 session debating a “bathroom bill” as part of a power struggle within the dominant party, and delayed other important legislation.

That’s why we’re launching the #flushthesystem campaign, in support of the Texas Voter Choice Act. We want our elected representatives to focus on the issues that matter to most Texans, not just a small minority.

Here’s how you can help spread the word:

TVC knows the system is clogged up. Tell us why you want to Flush the System:

    1. Post on our FB page why you think we should #flushthesystem.
    2. Video yourself telling us why the electoral system needs to be reformed, post it on social media using the hashtag #flushthesystem
    3. Send an email to info@texasvoterchoice.org with your story.

If you have run– or have thought about running– as an independent candidate in Texas, we want to hear from you! Email your story to info@texasvoterchoice.org and we will follow up.